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basic preppers first aid kit free pdf download

One area of prepping that seems to get a lot of attention is having a first aid kit. Everyone knows they need one, but not enough attention is given to what first aid supplies you need and how to not break the bank while you fill it.

Every home should have a basic first aid kit, and especially when considering a disaster or life changing scenario, you will need medical supplies. The medical supplies could be different depending on the needs of your family, but the list contained in this free pdf download  will give you a good idea about what direction to go especially if your bug out location has a relatively large preppers group.

We offer several basic first aid kits for preppers in the Freedom Preppers Trading Post. In addition, this free pdf download of a basic preppers first aid kit will provide you the start of a well balanced Preparedness Plan. You may have a free pdf download of the basic preppers first aid kit by clicking the link below:



basic preppers first aid kit

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