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The Best Prepper and Survival Websites

I spend a large part of my day on the internet researching and learning.  One of the reasons for the development of is to pass this knowledge on to my fellow preppers. Some of the best prepper and survival websites that we found to be most useful to preppers and survivalists are listed below.

Prepper Resources



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Dr. Bones and Nurse Amy's Survival Medicine website


Freedom through teaching others self-reliance
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APN Radio | The Prepper Broadcasting Network
Broadcasting 24/7
On Twitter @PrepperRadio

Dan Wolfe is my favorite Canadian Libertarian Prepper Geek who keeps the American Prepper Network from total collapse!
On Twitter @WolfeBlog

Bushcraft, Survival Skills and Emergency Preparedness
Survival: It's more than canned foods and matches ...
On Twitter @isurvivalskills

When it comes to outdoor survival gear and camping equipment, these guys have got the outdoors covered!
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A survival blog covering a wide range of survival and preparedness topics.
On Twitter @Survivopedia

Emergency Preparedness, Alternative news, Survival.


A survival blog that covers prepping, going off the grid, survival-related gear and bugging out. To learn more:
On Twitter @mtjsblog


The Real Survivalists is an online community enabling everybody to learn and share tips, tricks and advice to help make situations less intimidating should the worst happen.
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