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Bug Out Location

I've heard it so many times ... "I'll grab my Bug Out Bag and Go!" Go where, I ask. "To the country, of course. Those farmers + ranchers know how to live!" Oh, okay.  Every apocalyptic, dystopian novel that I have ever read involves somebody fleeing to somewhere or trying to get home from somewhere.  It's a horrible experience and it only ends well for the main character because it's FICTION!



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In my opinion, if you are truly a Prepper; if you believe in your heart that we will be facing a catastrophic, TEOTWAWKI event, then you should identify your Bug Out Location NOW and move there! The safety and lives of your family depend on it.  Everyone will be heading for the hills!

So, do you Bug-In or Bug-Out? That will depend on your individual circumstances. These posts will help you determine the proper Bug Out Plan for you.