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Ebola Preparedness Checklist Free pdf Download

The recent outbreak of a lethal strain of the Ebola virus has raised concerns about a wider spread of the disease. The largest outbreak of the Ebola virus to date — with more than a suspected 2,127 cases of infection and 1,145 deaths — is disrupting communities and economies in West Africa. Authorities are further concerned about West Africa’s ability to contain the virus, given local health infrastructures, stretched resources and personnel, and cultural concerns that can impede virus-control measures. Some reports indicate that this particluar strain of the Ebola virus could go airborne.

The US State Department has ordered 160,000 Ebola hazmat Suits. The CDC has issued warning for all medical personnel to prepare for Ebola cases to arrive in the United States.  If this virus is not contained, it can result in mass casualties. It is imperative that Preppers incorporate an ebola preparedness plan into their routine.

Preppers know that if society collapses, their may not be Doctors or Hospitals readily available. Print the Ebola Preparedness checklist and the corresponding infographic created by the World Health Organization. Download a free copy of this ebola preparedness checklist. You may have a free pdf download of ebola preparedness checklist by clicking the link below: