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Economic Collapse

All empires end when they are defeated by a more vigorous empire ... or when their financing runs out.

Most Preppers' number one threat is economic collapse. Many of the other threats that we face would necessarily result in economic collapse. All great empires and societies have collapsed. There are no exceptions. Are Americans so arrogant that they don't think it can't happen to us? Or, are most Americans simply oblivious sheep unaware of the wolf (economic collapse) in their midst.



General Threats

Day After SHTF

Economic Collapse




Natural Disaster



Near Earth Objects

Nuclear War

Zombie Apocalypse


The good news is that a learned news-watcher can see the economic collapse event coming. But there are so many events that can trigger economic collapse that beginning your preparedness plan by "market crash timing" would be a fatal mistake. By the time you hear about it on the local news, the Bank lines will be long if the Bank is isn't already emptied.

Prepping for economic collapse is similar to the other threats preppers face.

These posts will help.