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Evade and Escape for Preppers

The US Military spends a considerable amount of time training its soldiers in the SERE program. SERE is an acronym for Survival, Evasion, Resistance and Escape. The program encompasses many survival skills including bushcraft and wilderness survival, emergency first aid, land navigation, camouflage techniques, methods of evasion and how to make improvised tools.

Evade and Escape for Preppers  involves self-preservation when your survival location cannot be defended or is overrun. The axiom "Live to fight another day" applies to evade and escape techniques for Preppers. Evasion also is important if you are bugging out to your survival retreat. Sadly, as all preppers know, our biggest enemy after TEOTWAWKI will be our fellow man due to the desperate situation. Your best chance of survival will be to evade contact with others until you get where you are going.


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The key to evasion is situational awareness. Always know where your threats are. Also, in the context of defending your retreat, know when to hold 'em and know when to fold them. Do not attempt to defend the indefensible. Bug Out, regroup and form a plan of attack to recover what is yours. Having unrealistic expectations of your chances of success when under attack can get you killed (the sixth "D" of the five "D's" of Prepper Security).

evade and escape for preppers

Very important. DO NOT PANIC! That only clouds your judgment. Remaining stealth and under control will provide you your best chance of evading the marauders.

It's always important to maintain an evade and escape kit, which can double as your Bug Out Bag. We discuss the contents of your Bug Out Bag at length here.  Also, have a pre-planned meeting location and preferred route for ll members of your group. Create a weapons and supplies cache along this route and the bug out location to allow you you to regroup.

Unless you have been kidnapped or in a gunfight, you have no idea the danger you and your family will be exposed to. No one can predict their fight or flight response. Thus, an essential part of your preparedness plan needs to take into account an evade and escape strategy.

Here is a free pdf download of evade and escape basics which should help.