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Free Amazon Kindle Books for Preppers

Periodically, Amazon notifies us of free Amazon Kindle books for preppers.  These free kindle downloads are only available for a limited time. We will update them here as they come available and notify our followers via Twitter, @FreedomPreppers. You do not need a Amazon Kindle device in order to get the free books for Preppers. You may download these free books to your iPad on through the Kindle app. Take advantage of this free offer every chance you can.

The free Amazon Kindle books for preppers are both non-fiction instructional, as well as the best in dystopian fiction. If you don't see anything you like, check out our favorites available in the Freedom Preppers Trading Post.


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Here are the latest free Amazon Kindle books for Preppers.


Prepper's Guide to Off the Grid Survival
Be a Prepper by Macallister Anderson
Survival Pantry by Henry Hill
How + When To Be Your Own Doctor
Broken Lines by James Hunt
The Decay by Roger Hayden
Survival Guide for Beginners
Every Step in Canning The Cold-Pack Method
Desperate Times by Nicholas Antinozzi
Radioactive: A Dirty Bomb Prepper Survival Story

Please check back often for more free Amazon Kindle books for Preppers. In the meantime, here are books that we suggest in both fiction and non-fiction instructional format. Note, we suggest that you purchase paperback editions where possible in order to avoid the impact of an Electromagnetic Pulse.

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