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Free pdf Downloads for Preppers

For Preppers, prepping is about organization. Building this website, while a labor of love which we are glad to share with you, is also about organizing all of our research in one place. I have downloaded a copy of this site and all of its contents to a thumb flash drive. This, together with a laptop, has been securely stored in a Faraday Cage for reference use after TEOTWAWKI. Periodically, I update the flash drive and download pdf's to the laptop. Of course, as a precaution, we have a hard copy printed into notebooks. Organization, you can't be a Prepper without it.


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The internet is our most valued resource for learning about prepping and creating our Preparedness Plan. There are numerous research papers and articles available as free pdf downloads. From time to time, Prepper Authors will make their eBooks available for free download to your laptop, ipad or kindle.

free prepper pdf downloads

As we learn of a free books for download or free pdf downloads of use to Preppers, we will make them available below.