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Goats for Preppers

Goats are the perfect livestock for preppers. They take the advantage over other options primarily due to their ability to subsist on very basic pasture and browse, unlike cows, who require significantly more grain, grass and additional forage in order to maintain optimum weight and output.

Goats, however, are relatively easy keepers, and will be as happy and productive kept in a mostly wooded area as they will on acres of pasture. In fact, with access to woodland and browse, they will essentially ‘self-medicate’, finding plants and fauna to settle an upset rumen, or treat a parasite issue. They will, of course, require human intervention with medications if their issues become out of hand, but given the opportunity, they will often forage a solution alone.

Thinking about getting goats? Well, you’re not the only one – after chickens, goats are the fastest growing livestock animal in the US today. They’re becoming very popular on homesteads because they’re easy to care for and useful. They don’t require pastures, are easily handled and housed, and can provide meat, milk, fiber, fertilizer, and brush control. Goat milk and meat are actually preferred over cow milk or meat in most of the world; and preppers in the US are catching on. But, before you bring them home, here are some things to think about.



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goats for preppers