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Heirloom Seeds for Preppers

When Preppers are buying seeds at a nursery or garden center, look for a seal that says the seeds are non-GMO, genetically modified organisms. There is a HUGE debate about the uses  of GMO's by large corporate farms and I'm neither qualified nor interested in jumping into the fray. That said, however, in order for Preppers to create a sustainable survival garden for years to come, GMO's won't work for you. It is important that Preppers plant their survival garden utilizing Heirloom Seeds. For a good infographic explaining all of this, check out: Heirloom Seeds Explained

While it’s not required to label a product as being GMO, many seed manufacturers want their customers to know. Some sellers have reported that they’re selling more non-GMO seeds because customers are leery about the effects and sustainability of modified seeds.

Heirloom varieties of fruits and vegetables have a long history and are considered to be “original and purebred,” meaning they haven’t been bred or mixed with any other variety (that would make it a hybrid). There are hundreds of varieties of heirloom plants, some more rare than others, and some that have been around for over one hundred years. Again, look for a non-GMO label on these seed packets.



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Sub Cat Two

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Sub Cat Five


Types of Heirloom Seeds

Heirloom seeds store better and produce the same crop year after year, unlike hybrid varieties. Looks for these seeds when getting prepared for the growing season or for stockpiling your supply:

  • Blue Lake Bush Bean or Cherokee Wax Bean

  • California Wonder Bell Pepper

  • Marketmore Cucumber

  • Scarlet Nantes Carrot

  • Parris Island Cos Romaine Lettuce

  • Lincoln Shell Sweet Pea

  • Brandywine or Beefsteak Tomato

  • Green Sprouting Broccoli

  • Yellow Sweet Spanish Onion

  • Stowell’s Evergreen Sweet Corn

  • Crimson Sweet Watermelon

Of course there are way more than just those varieties, but those are some of the most common ones.


heirloom seeds for preppers