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James Wesley, Rawles


James Wesley, Rawles received a Bachelor of Arts degree from San Jose University. He served as a United States Army Military Intelligence officer from 1984 to 1993 and resigned his commission as a U.S. Army Captain immediately after Bill Clinton became President of the United States.

Rawles worked as an Associate Editor and Regional Editor (for the Western U.S.) with Defense Electronics magazine in the late 1980s and early 1990s and concurrently was Managing Editor of The International Countermeasures Handbook. He worked as a technical writer through most of the 1990s with a variety of electronics and software companies including Oracle Corporation. In 2005, he began blogging full-time. On his book covers and in his blog, he presents his name with a comma, as James Wesley, Rawles , to distinguish between his given name and his family name.

He is now a freelance writer,
blogger , and survival retreat consultant. He has been called a "survival guru" and the "conscience of survivalism ".

Rawles is the editor of , a popular blog on survival and preparedness topics. The blog has been described as "the guiding light of the prepper movement." The main focus of his blog is preparing for the multitude of possible threats toward society. In his various writings, Rawles has warned about socio-economic collapse, terrorist attacks, and food shortages.


 james wesley rawles author




I recently received my advance copy of Liberators by James Wesley, Rawles, retired to the west deck with a Blue Moon adult beverage and a Cohiba. I was easily immersed in his words and by the end of the weekend I was hoping for another installment by Rawles, and soon.

Rawles' first installment in this series, Patriots , was the novel that lead us to a life of committed Preppers. Patriots is not only entertaining but informative. Patriots was the first of four subsequent novels surrounding a collapse event that affects the entire landscape of the planet. These novels, while generally unrelated, are generally presented in the same time frame with the characters crossing paths. While it is not necessary to read them in order as they are written as stand alone stories, I would take them up in the following order:






A hoity toity reviewer of an author's fictional work will talk about things like "genre", "metaphysical techniques", "stylism". I'm a Prepper, not James Wood at The New Yorker. Liberators is excellent Prepper Fiction. Rawles' storytelling skills comes from vast knowledge and experience. Carrying forward the style he established in Patriots, Liberators is a novel that you will enjoy as well as expands your knowledge.

The general storyline of Liberators features two primary groups of characters as they deal with global collapse and the aftermath, including an invasion of North America by the United Nations. One group, comprised of an older couple and their daughters, reside in Canada on a remote ranch. The other group is a Virgina based family with a bug out plan wrought with difficulty.

As is true with his other novels, Rawles represents the challenges these groups face in a realistic way. Levels of preparedness plays a big factor and that is why I enjoy his books. As a prepper, you can place yourself in the shoes of the characters and realize that you have not thought of everything. This is where Rawles' excels:

A Very Real Worldwide Threat - TEOTWAWKI

Real families facing not unexpected challenges after TEOTWAWKI

The words resonating so that you get to preppin'!


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