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Living Off The Grid

The adjustment to living off the grid will not be easy.  Many take the step now as a way to save money or "go green". We have all of the tools and resources to implement an off grid lifestyle after TEOTWAWKI.  Living off the grid requires some equipment such as a solar array, water catchment/purification system and other alternative methods of everyday utilities. Most of these items are secured in Faraday Cages. We will implement our plan when its time.


Prepping Off Grid

Living Off The Grid

Survival Shelter




Alternative Energy


Living off the grid means that you will be 100% self-sufficient. You will feel a tremendous sense of independence. You will live more comfortably after TEOTWAWKI.

There are many considerations to take the leap to living off the grid. Cost, location and mechanical aptitude are all factors. 

These posts will help.