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Nuclear War

Nuclear War, the exchange of nuclear weapons between two or more countries, is unthinkable. It can't happen. Right? Wrong! Most people believe that a conventional Nuclear War between say, the US and Russia, would result in mutual annihilation and destruction.  Hence, that alone has a deterrent effect. However, there are new players on the nuclear stage, such as North Korea, Iran, China, Pakistan, India. Most of these countries don't like us very much. What if nuclear weapons fall into the hands of terrorists, who have nothing to lose?



General Threats

Day After SHTF

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Near Earth Objects

Nuclear War

Zombie Apocalypse


Even a small exchange of nuclear warheads will create a global environmental catastrophe. A nuclear exchange in the northern hemisphere would result in TEOTWAWKI. Scientific models reveal that the Earth would suffer a 20 year long winter and worldwide famine.

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Nuclear War is survivable through prepping in advance. There are specific preparations that will help you.

These posts will help.

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