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Packaged / MRE's

Okay, here we go.

An MRE is a military term. The Meal, Ready to Eat is a self-contained, individual field ration utilized by the military. Yuck.

Emergency/Disaster/Survival Packaged Foods comes from many well known brands such as Wise, Legacy, Mountain House + Auguason Farms. Expensive for some.


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Packaged - MRE's

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That said, packaged foods and MRE's do have a place in your Preparedness Plan. If money is not an object, shop away. A year's supply for a family of four is around $10k. But, packaged foods and MRE's can be utilized on a limited basis for your Survival Cache and in your Bug Out Bag.

Check out this infographic for a DIY MRE.

Buying food storage in bulk is a quick way to ensure that your family will be protected in an emergency.

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