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Prepper Dictionary

Are you a new Prepper? Do not be intimidated by the lingo and acronyms. You want to walk the walk AND talk the talk! Here is a Prepper Dictionary that will help.

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# 10 Can: Can of food approximately 7" x 6-1-4"

ALICE: All-Purpose Lightweight Individual Carrying Equipment

Alpha Strategy: Storing extra logistics, as a hedge against inflation, and for use in barter and charity. This term was coined by economics writer John Pugsley.

APC: Armored Personnel Carrier. Also the brand name of a manufacturer of short-term backup power supplies.

Apgar: A scoring system used to evaluate the health of newborn babies, typically taken at one minute and five minutes after delivery

ARC: American Red Cross (Nicknamed "The Red Curse" by some SurvivalBlog readers)

ATL: Attempt to Locate. (Law enforcement term.) See also: BOLO

BIB: Bug-In Bag. A kit of essentials designed for "hunkering down", in place

Biochip: See RFID and NAIS.

BoB, BOB, or B-o-B: Bug-out Bag. Synonymous with G.O.O.D. Kit. See also: BIB, GOOD and INCH

BOL, B.O.L., or B.o.L.: Bug-out Location. Synonymous with retreat

BoV or BOV: Bug-out Vehicle. Synonymous with G.O.O.D. Vehicle. See also: POV

Bug-Out: To bug out means to get the heck out of dodge. Bail out out of a potentially dangerous situation to a safer one.

Bug-Out Bag:  A bug out bag will contain essential survival gear to enable you to get to your bug out location.

Bug-Out Location: Where you plan on riding out the catastrophic event that has caused the SHTF.

Carrington Event: A naturally occurring EMP-like effect, caused by a large Coronal Mass Ejection (CME) of the Sun. (See also: CME and EMP.)

CM: Compressed Meals (The U.S. Army' new alternative to MREs, with a freeze dried entree. These are about 2/3s the size and weight of an MRE.

CME: Coronal Mass Ejection. (Solar flares.) See also: Carrington Event and EMP.

C-Ration: Combat ration. The U.S. Army canned field rations that were replaced by MREs in the mid-1980s.

Collapse Event: Any event that results in TEOTWAWKI.

CYA: Cover Your Assets

DLP: Defense of Life and Property

Dutch Oven: Very versatile item of cast iron cookware that is most often used in off grid cooking.

EMP: Electromagnetic Pulse. Described at Wikipedia. See also: Faraday Cage and TREE

Faraday Cage: A shielding enclosure for electronics. See also: EMP and Carrington Event

Fiat Currency: Any paper currency that is issued at will, without convertibility to precious metals or other tangibles. (From the Latin "Let it be done.")

FIFO: First In, First Out—used for food storage rotation.

FOB: Forward Operating Base

Food Grade Bucket: Food Grade Buckets. Make sure they are HDPE #2.

Force Multiplier: A capability that, when added to and employed by a combat force, significantly increases the combat potential of that force and thus enhances the probability of successful mission accomplishment.

Gamma Lid: An air tight lid for bucket style food grade containers.

Genny: Slang for generator

GMO: Genetically Modified Organism. Usually relates to seeds.

G.O.O.D.: Get Out of Dodge--the author’s generic acronym for leaving the big city in a hurry WTSHTF. (Acronym coined by JWR). I also use the term “bug out” and the British soccer term “take the gap.” The term Get Out of Dodge kit is synonymous with Bug Out Bag. See also: BOB, INCH, and WTSHTF

Ham: (A slang term for an amateur radio operator. It is not an acronym and therefore should not have all the letters capitalized (HAM" , as is often seen in print.).

Hardened (electronics): See: EMP

Hard Money: Currency that is either redeemable in precious metals, or issued in the form of precious metals.

HDPE: High Density Polyethylene is used in milk, juice and water containers in order to take advantage of its excellent protective barrier properties. Most five gallon "food grade" buckets are made from HDPE.

Heirloom Seeds: Non-GMO seeds that can be planted and replanted after every harvest.

HEMP: High Altitude Electromagnetic Pulse. See also: EMP.

INCH: I'm Never Coming Home (kit). An "INCH" kit is the gear that you would take in the event of a worst case, wherein you would only have one trip "Out of Dodge." See also BOB, GOOD, WTSHTF, and INCH.

Isolated Retreat: A privately owned stronghold designed to be almost entirely self-sufficient and self-contained. Also, often called a Remote Retreat

JBT: Jack Booted Thug

JIT: Just In Time (invenory control system).

"Junk" Silver: 1964 or earlier mint date circulated U.S. silver dimes, quarters, or half dollars with little or no numismatic value. These coin have a silver content of 90%.

JWR: James Wesley, Rawles (The primary author/editor of SurvivalBlog. You can assume that all feature articles and any comments that are not under a byline posted at SurvivalBlog were wrirten by JWR.)

KISS or K.I.S.S. : "Keep it Simple, Stupid!"

LOS: Line of Sight. Many communications technologies require an unobstructed path between transmitter and receiver, as in microwave radio, satellite communications, and laser/infrared optical communications links.

MAD: Mutually Assured Destruction

Mall Ninja: Someone that values style over substance

MOE: Measures of Effectiveness

MOI: Mechanism of Injury

MOLLE: Modular Lightweight Load-carrying Equipment

Molon Labe: Greek for "Come and Take [It]" --the rallying cry of the modern Second Amendment Movement. Also the title of a novel by Boston T. Party.

MRE: Meal, Ready to Eat (U.S. Army field rations)

Mylar Bags: Food grade bags made out of space age aluminum material which is used for long term food storage in conjunction with oxygen absorbers.

Non-GMO Seeds: Seeds that may be planted and re-planted after each harvest. Often referred to as heirloom seeds.

Oxygen Absorbers: Also known as desiccant packs. Used to pull oxygen out of a sealed container for long term food storage.

Paracord:  Word comes from parachute cord, which is a woven braided sheath made of durable, lightweight nylon rope. usually rated in pounds.

Pollyanna: Someone that is in denial that TEOTWAWKI could occur and remains cheerfully optimistic, even confronted with evidence to the contrary.

Prep, Prepping: Slang for prepare.

Prepper: Slang for prepared individual. (A Survivalist.)

Preps: Slang for preparations.

Retreat: A place of refuge that is prepared in advance. Usually in lightly-populated rural regions. Also sometimes called a Bug=Out Location. (See also: BOL.)

Sheeple: People herded like sheep oblivious of what is happening around them.

Shelf Life: The useful life of of product in home storage. In the context of foods: The period of time that a processed food can be stored before changes in color, flavor, texture or the number of micro-organisms make it unacceptable. In the contexts of nonreversible consumer batteries: The period of time that a battery can be stored and still have at least 85% of its original charge.

SHTF: S*** Hits the Fan.

SOL: S***  Out of Luck, or, Simply Out of Luck

Solar Flares: Similar to CME, coronal mass ejection. An ejection of sun particles in the form of radiation.

Solar oven: Or, solar cooker. Made of aluminum reflectors to harness the energy of the sun to cook food.

SOP or S.O.P.: Standard Operating Procedure(s)

Survival Seeds: Also referred to heirloom seeds or non-GMO seeds.

TEOTWAWKI: The End of the World as we Know It (Spoken “Tee-ought-walk-ee”).

The Crunch.: See: WTSHTF

TSHTF: The S*** Hits the Fan.

Unhardened (electronics): See: EMP

WROL: Without Rule Of Law. (A lawless situation.)

WTSHTF: When the S*** Hits the Fan.  also synonymously use the terms TEOTWAWKI, The Crunch, worst case, and the old military saying “when the balloon goes up

YOYO: You're On Your Own. (When government ceases to provide essential services such as fire department and police department protection, and when utilities no longer provide water, sanitation, electricity and phone service.)

Zombie: The name for the unprepared and often aggressive masses who will look to take what you have painstakingly prepared.





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