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Survival Guides

After I read Patriots by James Wesley, Rawles, I became a novice Prepper. I use the word novice because I had done nothing towards developing a Preparedness Plan.  That was the next step and Rawles came to the rescue. I purchased How to Survive the End of the World as We Know It , Tactics, Techniques and Technologies for Uncertain Times by Rawles.  This is the Survivalist's bible, a comprehensive guide to preparing for TEOTWAWKI.

Survival Guides provide us the outline of a total Preparedness Plan by focusing on self-reliance. They are written in an educational, instructional format. You will learn techniques and tactics for surviving on your own, including satisfying needs for water, food, security, hygiene and shelter.  Some are written by hardcore survivalists, while others may be geared towards the homesteaders among us.

A well thought out Preparedness Plan will address all of the topics as I outline in the website categories of These survival guides will help. Please enjoy the author pages listed below and support the authors by purchasing their books through us.

A note about format. My iPad has become a physical part of me. I love reading Prepper Fiction on it. Many of you have Kindle Readers or other tablet devices for reading. However, I suggest that you purchase hard copies of these survival guides. I recommend that you build a Prepper Resources Library in the event of a grid down scenario that prevents you from having access to your beloved electronic devices. You might as well get used to reading "old school" because when the SHTF, we'll be living like it's 1899!


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