Prepping picks up where homesteading and bushcraft skills leave off. In fact, I believe that bush-crafting skills are the ground-level prerequisites for Prepping.

Preppers need to first master their bushcraft skills before they move on to more complex technological skills! Preppers should first master being a ‘minimalist’ (survivalist) and be able to live off the grid with almost nothing. I am talking about all the key bushcraft skills that are taught at survival schools. You have to be able to make fire without a lighter, matches or a fire-steel. You have to be able to make tools from nature, find water, maker a shelter, hunt, fish, trap and forage among other bushcraft skills.

Homesteading is a carryover from our pioneer days. A good homesteader excels at gardening, livestock care and the basics of farm life. All of these skills are an integral of a Preppers survival skills.

Finally, don't forget hunting, trapping and fishing as essential survival skills.

These posts about survival skills will help.