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Prepper Television, Movies

There have been scifi, apocalyptic television shows and movies dating back before the infamous War of the Worlds broadcast in 1938. Even after the Y2K bug concept caught fire, prepping wasn't a significant part of popular culture on TV or the big screen. Some cable networks would run documentaries on TEOTWAWKI scenarios, but I believe Doomsday Preppers on NatGeoChannel was one of the first Prepper Television shows. Despite the criticism of the show's participants (after all, National Geographic has to put on an entertaining show), Doomsday Preppers has led a substantial number of Americans to the concept of Prepping. Kudos for that.


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Like dystopian novels, Prepper television shows and movies place the individual point of view with the viewer. "If that was me, what would I do?" A visual representation of the Prepper lifestyle or a survival scenario is very powerful.

We have compiled a list of the great Prepper Movies and television shows of all time. Watch them as you have time with an eye towards gaining knowledge. Like Prepper Books, screenwriters conduct a significant amount of research and utilize survival experts in order to be accurate.

I hope these posts will help.

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