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Choosing Members of a Preppers Group

by: contributor

Recently, a Prepper in the Tampa, Florida area learned a hard lesson in choosing members for his Preppers group. Many of the newest members had prior felonies which prohibited them from owning or possessing firearms. Further, this Florida Prepper engaged in questionable conduct such as building pipe bombs and making veiled threats against law enforcement.  When one of his new members of the group was arrested on unrelated charges, they turned snitch and wore a wire during the Preppers group meetings. The end result: the leader of the preppers group is going to prison while the snitch walks free.

The debate will always rage as to whether you should be a member of a preppers group or a lone wolf prepper. Regardless of how you define your preppers group, there are common issues when determining who to let into "The Club". It is a private membership which should always practice Operational Security, OPSEC, due to the sensitive information everyone in the group has access to. You need to give careful consideration to the people becoming part of your group. In general, this is not an easy topic, as there are no fast and simple rules. The average human being is a complex bag of emotions and logic, to which fields of science have been dedicated to understanding. Therefore, it is not surprising when the person you thought to be a stable individual turns out to be not much more than a basket case. Below is some information to consider when looking for group members.



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Choosing members of a preppers group is a lot like courting; you cannot really tell if they are right for you from just a few dates. Sure, we've all heard of love at first sight. However, given time, a person's true colors shine through. Being part of a group is not much different. There will be differences, arguments, heated debates, betrayals, and various other emotional conflicts. All of which need to be addressed, particularly since this group is supposed to be like a second family to you. One very important aspect to keep in mind is what happens when someone stops being a group member. Though it may seem like many people would make a good group member, most will turn out to be incompatible with you and your group. Some people are very good at hiding who they really are and, even after knowing someone for years, finding out their true self may come as a complete surprise.


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One thing, which you need to keep in mind at all times, is what the consequences are when someone stops being a member of the preppers group. They may get kicked out of the group or they may decide to leave voluntarily. Either way, it becomes a security risk when a member departs. Ideally, before someone becomes a member, you have done your due diligence and made sure, as much as is reasonably possible, the person is honorable and poses as little risk as possible, both during and after their membership. Unfortunately, this is not always possible and you will eventually have people whom pose a risk to you and your group.

When looking at group preparedness, remember that a long-term crisis scenario will require large amounts of people labor for survival. Therefore, unless you are creating a specific paramilitary team, no one should be automatically discounted because of any disabilities or shortcomings (such as having a lack of gear). Look at each prospective member on a case-by-case basis, weighing their strengths and weaknesses, keeping in mind everyone has something to contribute, and find those who will fit into your group. Finding group members is a tedious process, but the gains accomplished by having a group of people you can depend on is immeasurable.

Your survival may depend on it.