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Food Storage in Mylar Bags

We believe that the single best, most cost effective method of storing food for long term survival is sealing it in mylar bags. Food storage in mylar bags is inexpensive and the method to seal food in mylar bags is simple.

Mylar bags are an integral component of any good food storage systems and have been used for many years. Food grade aluminized mylar bags are used by filling them with dry goods such as beans, pasta, rice and oats. Mylar bags create an oxygen barrier to protect food during extended long-term food storage because the oxygen is removed using food safe oxygen absorbers. Mylar bags for food storage can be sealed with a standard heat sealing unit or with an ordinary clothes iron.


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The mylar bags must be sealed properly for the whole thing to work as expected. You’ve got the food, the mylar bag that is more air-proof than a bucket, the oxygen absorber that will remove all the air so your food won’t go bad, but if you don’t seal that bag properly all your effort goes down the drain. Because the mylar bag is made out of a multi-layer material you CANNOT use a regular Food Saver or Seal A Meal unit to seal these bags. Those units just don’t reach a high enough temperature to do the job.

The most cost effective way to seal the mylar bags for food storage is to use your steam iron (with steam off) on the hottest setting (cordless irons won’t work because they can’t sustain the high heat long enough – you need to be up at 400 degrees Farenheit or 204 degrees Celsius) For most irons, Linen is the highest setting, so that will be your best choice with an iron. 

Below is a list of what you need. Here is the simple five step process:

  • Place dry food into mylar bag

  • Add oxygen absorber pack

  • Seal end of mylar bag with iron

  • Place in food safe bucket with Gamma Seal Lid

  • Label bucket with quantity and date


food storage mylar bags


Product Checklist for Food Storage in Mylar Bags

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Mylar Bags + Oxygen Absorbers

Food Grade White Bucket with Gamma Seal Lid

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 food storage mylar bags