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Preppers Clothing

There are so many issues to address as it relates to clothing for preppers. What should a prepper wear everyday? What factors do you take into account when dressing yourself? Do you realize the importance of proper shoes and headwear? Do your clothing requirements dictate that you look tactical? Or, should you take on the persona of the Gray Man? One thing is for certain, do not look Tacticool.



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Depending on whether you are constrained by work apparel requirements, we always recommend that you become the Gray Man. The Gray Man Strategy is popular with many preppers and survivalists. Being a “Gray Man” means you blend in. Put another way, the nail that sticks out gets hammered down. You don’t want to be that nail. Most preppers associate “gray man” with wearing earth tones and not carrying obvious fancy tactical gear.

He doesn’t just wear clothes that match what everyone else is wearing, he wears clothes no one will take note of. He doesn’t just do things to fit his natural surroundings, he does things that don’t cause your mind to take notice. He had no color, no smell, no texture, no emotion. He wasn’t there. Forgetable.

prepper clothing

The Gray Man Strategy applies to a Preppers everyday clothing. but what about specialty situations? Survival Clothing requirements are much different than your everyday wear.

While it’s not the most important thing on the list, being prepared also means being able to keep warm and dry, which is why clothing must be given some thought. That’s fine, you say, I’m always wearing something sensible. But think about your wife or your kids, especially if they’re older. Teenagers don’t dress practically, they dress in what they think is cool. When you dress each day it should be with a Prepper mindset. What if the SHTF while I am at the mall? What if I am at the beach and the US got hit by an EMP? Can you walk home in your flip flops and swimsuit?





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