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Fitness for Preppers

The sole purpose of prepping is to prepare for survival in the event of a cataclysmic event. But how many preppers miss one of the most basic needs for your survival?  Your overall physical fitness and health could cause you to be either the greatest asset or the weakest link in a survival situation.



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This isn’t about “working out.” Working out is for stressed executives, and former high school athletes trying to relive their glory days. This is about training. The first rule is to avoid injury. Whatever program you choose shouldn’t hurt you. This is not about competition. Pain and injuries to shoulders, knees, and lower backs are epidemic in gyms. If you are new to training, or you haven’t exercised in a while, know that almost anything thing you do will get you better (assuming you don’t hurt yourself) for about six to eight weeks. Then your progress will stall. This can be okay depending on your starting condition and the intensity of your program.


Ultimately, get out of the house!  A variety of exercises can be performed on a daily basis that will work all the major muscle groups, give you cardio to keep up your stamina, and you don’t have to pay Biff at the gym to tell you how to do it.  You may even cross off a few things on your wife’s “Honey-Do” list. Run around the yard and play with your kids.  Chase them around until they pee in their pants, play hide and go seek with them, or challenge them to a race.  They will probably win, unless you trick them by tying their shoelaces together.   Go hiking or take long walks with someone you enjoy spending time with and that makes awesome trail mix.  In the warmer months, get out in the garden everyday if you can.  Chop some wood for yourself or offer to do it for someone else.  Don’t give in to the temptation to buy a riding mower unless you have to mow a couple of acres or more.

After TEOTWAWKI, you will be walking a lot. If you do nothing else, WALK!



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