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Survival Cache

Have you ever thought about stashing some supplies at a remote location in a survival cache near a cabin or a bug-out site? Or even burying a few valuables in your backyard, just in case times get tough? With banks paying only pennies of interest on hard-earned cash anyway, some folks choose to bury their wealth so it’s readily available during a crisis. Today, we’re going to take a look at the age-old practice of caching supplies. Whatever you might want to squirrel away in your Survival Cache, we'll show you how to do it.



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Pick The Container:

Just as critical as "what" you choose to store, is “how” you store it. Your survival cache container should be able to withstand the natural environment in which it will be placed, and protect against the natural enemies of storage, which include moisture, rodents, insects, freezing, heat, and theft, at the very least. Waterproof containers are good choices for wet conditions, along with home-made vaultst. For arid locales, metal boxes are often a good choice, as they are impregnable to the gnawing teeth of rodents.

survival cache

Find a Location:

A few sharp knives, a couple hanks of 550 cord, some duct tape, a multi-tool, a steel pot to cook food—these are all examples of handy utility items you should consider storing. The cordage and knives are great items to fill in the odd corners of a box or bin. And the cooking pot can have an abundance of gear nested inside it. Try to imagine the most realistic and likely emergency scenarios you might face, and throw in some multi-use items to help you overcome those challenges.

Lighten things Up:

Paper plates, rolls of toilet paper, plastic spoons, paper towels, and other “disposable” items should be considered non-essential and don’t belong in a cache. They take up valuable space, and don’t offer that much value. If you feel like you have to store some towels, dishes ,and cutlery, keep some good quality kitchen towels, stainless steel bowls and spoons, and other reusable materials. And maybe throw in a roll of TP, because wiping with leaves sucks.