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Survival Clothing

While it’s not the most important thing on the list, being prepared also means being able to keep warm and dry, which is why clothing must be given some thought. That’s fine, you say, I’m always wearing something sensible. But think about your wife or your kids, especially if they’re older. Teenagers don’t dress practically, they dress in what they think is cool. When you dress each day it should be with a Prepper mindset. What if the SHTF while I am at the mall? What if I am at the beach and the US got hit by an EMP? Can you walk home in your flip flops and swimsuit?



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The Cold

In the snow, a good pair of snow boots can mean the difference between slipping over every five minutes and being able to really make tracks; and between your toes freezing off and having warm, comfortable feet. You need base layers or thermals, a fleece and a sizeable parka on top of that, with a hat, gloves and a scarf, especially if you’re in minus temperatures. Chances are you’ll already be wearing this, but it’s always good to have spares in your bug out bag.

The Rain

Again, a sensible pair of shoes is advisable. Think of your wife’s flimsy court shoe or your son’s flimsy converse; they will not hold up in the pouring rain. Waterproofs are essential. Preferably breathable, they should have zipped pockets so essentials can’t fall out or for weapons access. The best types will be wind- and rain- proof, warm, include a hood, and have sealed seams rather than stitch.

The Sun

Hats, sunglasses and sun cream. I know it sounds obvious, but when you pack your everyday carry bag, you’re thinking of the bare essentials, but we all know what it’s like to be sunburned or not be able to see because of the sun. You can doubt it, but when it comes down to it, you’ll really appreciate the simple thing that is a hat.

survival clothing

The Essentials 

-Underwear and socks – because eventually you’ll get sick, or get sores if you wear the same thing for too long.

-A belt – a utility belt can be very helpful as you can attach your holster or other tools to it, making it a very useful thing to have on you.

-A scarf or shemagh – whether this is a desert scarf or a fleece one, a scarf will be invaluable for keeping your face warm or prevent you from breathing dust in.

All good stores will stock all these products and more, and because they were once used in the military, so you know that they are hardwearing and durable. Above all, think layering, especially in the winter.





 survival clothing