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The Five B's of Preparedness

An expanded version of the Beans ~ Bullets ~ BandAids axiom, we add Batteries and Barter to the equation. Batteries are representative of alternative power. Barter is representative of an alternative currency.



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Beans will include your Prepper Supplies, the items in your Prepper Pantry and Water. Bullets represent the weapons and ammunition necessary to protect yourself, your family and your preps. Bandaids will refer to all things medical. The details of Beans Bandaids & Bullets are covered here.


Batteries represent alternative energy. This should be the goal of every Prepper: Self-Reliant living.  True freedom results from being totally self sufficient, not relying upon public utilities, nor governments, nor banks, to live your life.  Many Preppers believe that TEOTWAWKI will result in societal and economic collapse to some degree. Prepping off the grid, with alternative energy options, gives you a better chance of survival.

There are many aspects to off the grid living. What types of alternative energy sources are available to you? Is your shelter or bug out location reliable? Do you have a clean water source? A true off the grid home operates independently of all traditional utility sources.


A lot of folks stress the importance of bartering after TEOTWAWKI. I stress the importance of having all of your preps in place before TEOTWAWKI. If you are well prepared, then you should not have a need to barter for essentials. That said, bartering will be essential to survival after SHTF.

My arguments against relying upon barter post TEOTWAWKI are as follows:

Keeping it simple, bartering assumes that you have goods to spare. As an analogy a financial planner will adviser his soon to be retired client on how much money he needs for retirement. The client might ask "How much money will I need?" The financial planner's response will be "How long to you plan to live?" Who knows? Right?

Since the collapse will take years to resolve, it is conceivable that one would simply run out of goods during this period, or be so concerned with conservation that bartering would not even be an option.

Once the grid goes down there will be full fledged WROL and anarchy.  Any attempt to barter with neighbors or outsiders will only expose others (via word of mouth) to the fact that you have supplies and people will then attempt to rob you.

Bartering is too risky because you have to leave your retreat location to conduct transactions. In addition to letting others know what you might have (compromise OPSEC), this could also open you up to potential ambushes.  Bartering is too time consuming.  You might have to interact with 100 people before you find the item that you need. Instead one should remain at the retreat and focus on pulling security.

Bartering will be an absolutely essential part of survival after a major collapse.  While there are many risks associated with the bartering process, many of those risks can be mitigated through the forming of trusted communities.  It should also be noted that bartering does not only apply to goods, bartering services should be taken into consideration as well.  I don’t know of a single person who is a qualified surgeon, mechanic, pilot, welder, sailor, veterinarian, and farmer….all with experience in military special operations.  Therefore it only stands to reason that people will need to exchange goods and services in order to survive.  Consider your plan, embrace your community and your chances of making it through SHTF will be much greater than the lone wolf who believes they can do it all alone.